Welcome to all new and returning athletes and parents.

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16/09/16               Week B program tonight

Tiny Tots – Week 1 program

Note: Some of the age groups start at 5:30pm, please speak to your Age Manager or Kay or Cheryl in the Clubhouse.

We operate on an A week and B week program.

Tiny Tots have week 1, week 2 and week 3. All tiny tot’s events are held on the back track near the girl’s discus cage.

There are rules regarding Working With Children – if you are aged 16 or over and do not have a child competing you are required to complete the Working With Children Checks and provide your registration number to our Registrar – Loretta. These checks are online and then you attend the Roads and Maritime Services Office – there is one in the Station Plaza - Phillip St, St Marys.

We would love as many parent helpers as possible to help run the night. We need starters, timekeepers, recorders, field helpers, canteen helpers. We have association qualified officials on the grass most weeks to help with the basics.

If you would like some training we can help you – bring a friend, it makes it even more fun.

If you are helping you MUST SIGN on in the Clubhouse, and wear a fluoro vest. This is a requirement for insurance purposes.

Parents are not allowed on the field of competition just to watch their children. Please, don’t be offended if you are asked to leave the field of competition and stand outside the fence.

Sponsors required - If your business is interested in sponsoring us please let a Committee Member know.

The Committee are listed in your handbooks.

Dual Athletes – this is an initiative of NSW Athletics and NSW Little Athletics. All athletes from U11 – U17 are dual athletes. This means you can register at a Senior Club for free – it is optional. You may choose any Senior Club you like. Nepean Seniors operates from Blair Oval on Wednesday Evenings from 6pm. We would encourage all dual athletes to come along on a Wednesday and see if you like it.

Good Luck - There are a number of athletes competing at School, Zone, Regional, Diocesan and State Carnivals during the next few months. We wish them all good luck and hope you all achieve some PB’s.

Have you thought about becoming an OFFICIAL? The athletes cannot compete without qualified officials. Some of our clubs officials have now moved on or are in their retirement years and we are in desperate need of parents learning to become officials. If you are interested please see Kay or Cheryl.

This season’s Introduction to Coaching Courses are now open for registrations.

An ITCC is a course specifically designed for parents, beginner coaches, teachers and other interested people who want to coach/teach beginner athletics. It is an event specific track and field course designed to give people the ability and confidence to coach basic level athletics to children aged 5-15yrs. This is a practical course with no exams and no experience needed.

Winston Hills Sunday 18th September or Campbelltown Sunday 9th October or Springwood Sunday 16th October



Time Table

U6’s                         A Week                                                                                    U6s                          B Week                                                                   

5:30pm    Girls Discus – 350gm                                                                              5:30pm                    Boys Discus – 350gm

6:00pm                    Long Jump                                                                               6:00pm                    Long Jump

                                100m                                                                                                                       Shot Put

                                Walk                                                                                                                        70m

                                50m                                                                                                                         Walk

                                Shot Put                                                                                                                   200m

                                300m Pack Start      


U7’s                         A Week                                                                                    U7’s                         B Week                                                                   

6:00pm                    100m                                                                                       6:00pm                    Shot Put

                                Long Jump                                                                                                                Discus

                                Discus                                                                                                                      Long Jump

                                Shot Put                                                                                                                   70m

                                50m                                                                                                                         Walk

                                Walk                                                                                                                        200m

                                                                                                                                                                500m Pack Start


U8’s                         A Week                                                                                    U8’s                         B Week                                                   

6:00pm                    Shot Put                                                                                   6:00pm                    Discus

                                Discus                                                                                                                      Long Jump

                                400m                                                                                                                       200m                                                                      

                                100m                                                                                                                       70m

                                Long Jump                                                                                                               Walk

                                60m Hurdles                                                                                                            60m Hurdles

                                Walk                                                                                                                        700m


U9’s                         A Week                                                                                    U9’s                         B Week                                                   

6:00pm                    60m Hurdles                                                                            6:00pm                    70m

                                400m                                                                                                                       Walk

                                Shot Put                                                                                                                   200m

                                Walk                                                                                                                        Shot Put

                                100m                                                                                                                       60m Hurdles

                                Long Jump                                                                                                               High Jump

                                High Jump                                                                                                                Long Jump

                                Discus                                                                                                                      Discus


U10’s                       A Week                                                                                    U10’s                       B Week                                                   

6:00pm                    400m                                                                                       6:00pm                    1500m

                                Walk                                                                                                                        Walk

                                60m Hurdles                                                                                                            70m

                                100m                                                                                                                       60m Hurdles

                                Discus                                                                                                                      Discus

                                Shot Put                                                                                                                   Long Jump

                                Long Jump                                                                                                              200m

                                800m                                                                                                                       High Jump

                                High Jump                                                                                                               Shot Put



U11’s                       A Week                                                                                    U11’s                       B Week                                                   

5:30pm                    Girls Javelin                                                                             5:30pm                    Boys Javelin

6:00pm                    High Jump                                                                                6:00pm                   1500m

                   60m Hurdles                                                                                                             High Jump                  

                 400m                                                                                                                          200m

                Discus                                                                                                                         60m Hurdles

               100m                                                                                                                           Shot Put

               Long Jump                                                                                                                  Triple Jump

              800m                                                                                                                             Discus


U12’s                       A Week                                                                                    U12’s                       B Week                                                   

5:30pm                    Girls Javelin                                                                             5:30pm                    Boys Javelin

6:00pm                    Walk                                                                                        6:00pm                    1500m

                                80m Hurdles                                                                                                            Shot Put

                                100m                                                                                                                       100m

                                Long Jump                                                                                                              80m Hurdles

                                High Jump                                                                                                              200m

                                400m                                                                                                                       High Jump

                                Discus                                                                                                                      Walk                       

                                Shot Put                                                                                                                   Discus

                                800m                                                                                                                       Triple Jump






U13’s                       A Week                                                                                    U113’s                     B Week                                                   

                                                                                                                                5:30pm                    Boys & Girls Javelin

5:45pm                    3000m                                                                                    

6:00pm                    1500m Walk                                                                            6:00pm                    200m Hurdles

                                Discus                                                                                                                      1500m

                                100m                                                                                                                       1500m Walk

                                Hurdles                                                                                                                    100m

                                Shot Put                                                                                                                   Discus

                                400m                                                                                                                       Shot Put

                                Long Jump                                                                                                              Triple Jump

                                High Jump                                                                                                               200m

                                800m                                                                                                                       High Jump



U14 – U17’s             A Week                                                                                    U14 – U17’s             B Week                                                   

                                                                                                                                5:30pm                    Girls & Boys Javelin

5:45pm                    3000m

6:00pm                    Shot Put                                                                                   6:00pm                    300m Hurdles

6:00pm                    1500m Walk                           

                                High Jump                                                                                                               1500m

                                100m                                                                                                                       Shot Put

                                400m                                                                                                                       High Jump

                                Hurdles                                                                                                                    1500m Walk

                                Discus                                                                                                                      200m

                                800m                                                                                                                       Triple Jump

                                Long Jump                                                                                                               100m



Zone Representation - NSWLA will be enforcing the 4 Centre athletes per event at Zone this season. That is a maximum of 4 Nepean athletes may compete in any U7 - U12 event at Zone. This means your child may not be selected in some of their first 4 preferred events, but they may be seleccted in their 5th or 6th preference. It is very important that we have enough parent helpers to time and record at every event, every week so the athletes results are available for Zone selection.


Registrations will be held at Blair Oval, St Marys in the clubhouse on all Friday nights. You can save time and register online HERE.

After registering online you can come to the clubhouse on Friday night and collect your age patch, rego number and season handbook. 

To find out what age group your child will be this season click HERE.

New Members are required to bring a birth certificate as proof of age.

Competition nights are held every Friday from the 2nd of September 2016 at 6pm sharp.


$20 Raffle fee is incorporated in these fees.

Payment of fees needs to be made at time of registration, unless you have special financial circumstances and have spoken to our Treasurer or Registrar.

Tiny Tots - 3 and 4 years - $ will be advised

Under 6 Athlete - $ will be advised

Under 7 - Under 17 Athlete - $ will be advised

Dual Registration Under 12 - Under 17 Athlete - $ will be advised

If you have already registered with Athletics NSW for the 2016/2017 season (October 2016 – September 2017)  you can also be registered with Little Athletics. Because you have registered previously with Athletics NSW your registration it is known as a Dual Registration and no fee is payable to the State Association. Proof of payment from your Senior club is required please. 

Representative Parent Helpers Fee - $25. This fee is payable by all athletes representing Nepean at Zone. This fee is then carried forward to Region and State Carnivals as required. The fee is refunded after  the parent has completed their assigned duties. Parents are generally asked to help out at one (1) event per carnival. If you have any questions regarding this fee, please see Kay in the Clubhouse. This fee is not included in registration.